This web resource considers and celebrates the lesser-spotted objects and idiosyncratic elements that are present throughout Belfast, making our architecture and public spaces unique.

It traces two routes across the city, along which we have highlighted the maker’s mark, the bits of the city that are unfamiliar, overlooked, handmade and exist without fanfare. Using this as a guide you will discover hand painted signs, detailed stone carvings, intricate metalwork and more.

In an age where mass production and machine manufacturing are the norm, this map is an opportunity to slow down and consider the craftspeople who have designed and built our city, by hand. This is not a comprehensive manual to be formally navigated, but rather, a tool that gives you a multi-functional, informative index, a walking strategy, a photographic pocket guide to help you get lost.

This resource was commissioned by PLACE, and is developed and designed by Jane Butler, Mitch Conlon, Tom Hughes and Robin Price.

Site Photography by Simon Mills.


What is PLACE?


PLACE is an independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting great architecture, design and planning in Northern Ireland. Our purpose is to create a better place to live, work and play.

We work with various types of organisations, institutions and government department across Northern Ireland to encourage high standards of design and engineering, and increase public engagement with their built environment to promote community development and healthier societies.

This web resource was funded through City as a Gallery, a Belfast City Council initiative, programmed and delivered by PLACE.

City as a Gallery is a project which undertakes to showcase the visual arts and to increase its visibility and accessibility.

It is an opportunity to explore exciting possibilities to create new synergies between city regeneration and the arts and cultural sector, by bringing together locations, artists and designers, and council to pilot ways of enhancing our public realm.


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